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Intelliware sought a rebrand to illustrate how much they’ve evolved as an organization, and have an identity that better reflects the clients and markets they serve. At their core, it’s about their people and culture, and the primary focus was to develop a brand identity that captured that essence.

Reliable, high quality work, smart people, integrity and transparency, are the core of the Intelliware brand.

Intelliware as an organization has established itself as a trusted source for software solutions and built solid, long lasting client relationships. As a destination employer that brings like-minded devs and software engineers to work, solving tough problems with complex reliable solutions, a primary focus of our brand is our people and culture.

The colours chosen for the brand are a key factor in differentiation and brand recognition.

The Intelliware blue is meant to invoke the feeling of reliability, strength, and confidence, always a safe colour to use for the brand. The secondary colour palette helps convey a fresh approach and personality: traits of the diverse team. The brighter hues can also be used to draw attention and invoke curiosity.

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